Friday, March 19, 2010

6 - Tracking

Here is a form to track the Flats if you have them, record what they did daily.

Click here for the tracking form


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

5 - Stanley has a brother?

Guess what happened! We were able to create a twin of Flat Stanley! His name is Flat Steve! We needed to have him because Flat Stanley was handed over to student's father for a trip! He promised to take care of him while on this trip. In the mean time, Flat Steve will hang out in our class and have some adventures on his own.

Flat Stanley is headed for a trip for part of this week. Can you guess where he is going? Here are some clues.
  • The person who took him on this trip is a pilot. He will be going 'across the pond.' (Notice the quote marks around the words, what does that mean?).
  • He'll have to watch his time so he can get back by this weekend. He may need to check the time with Big Ben.
  • He may see this building. It looks like a large, important building fit for a king or a queen!

Here are some new pictures!

Did you figure out the distance between our schools?
The correct answer is . . . . c) 1,380 miles
Who wants to come and visit? :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 - How far away are we?

Today our students looked at your school on a map. We then switched to the computer and used Google Maps to actually see your school, or at least the view from the street.

If we were able to drive without stopping for food, water, bathroom breaks or sleep, it would take us one whole day to get there. The map estimates it to take 23 hours! That's a lot of driving! How long can you sit in a car without wanting to get out?

Now how many miles do you think it is between our two schools? You'll need to estimate! Here are your choices:

a) 13 miles
b) 138 miles
c) 1,380 miles
d) 13,800 miles

Leave your guess in the comment section or tell your teacher.

We'll share the answer tomorrow!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3 - Meet some of the students in science class.

Stanley is starting to meet all of the 60 students in the 7th grade. Here's a photo of him with one of the classes.

Aunt Sheila, or Ms. Adams to her students, teaches science. We are currently studying severe weather. Each student had to research either a tornado, hurricane, lightning or flash floods and report back to the rest of the class. We are learning what they are, how they form, the dangers and how we can be safe during these weather events.

Do you have a story to share about weather? We would love to hear it. (Leave your story in the comment area.)

Monday, March 15, 2010

2 - Stanley Goes to School in New Hampshire!

Flat Stanley was warmly welcomed into the 7th grade at Rye Jr. High School in Rye, NH. Many of the students had remembered the book and still had their own Flat Stanley at home. The students think we should hold a Flat Stanley reunion! What do you think?

Here's a picture of Stanley by our classroom window. We are on the second floor. What can you see out of our window?

We are still having lots of rain! In 3 days, we've had over 7 inches of rain. It's so much rain that it is causing some problems with rivers overflowing, roofs leaking and basements flooding. In our school, the custodians put trash cans in the hallways to catch the water from the leaks in the ceiling.

Sam told us it's nice and warm in Melbourne Beach, Florida. In fact, it's 75ºF. What is the weather where you live?

1 - Flat Stanley Arrived!

Flat Stanley arrived in New Hampshire during a windy and rainy nor'easter. He was a little damp in my mailbox but otherwise survived the trip very well. He came from a second grade class in Florida!

A nor'easter is a type of storm we often have here in New Hampshire and the rest of New England. It's the back part of the storm that has winds blowing from the northeast. These winds usually bring a lot of rain or snow. Do you know what temperature it needs to be for snow to happen?