Thursday, March 18, 2010

5 - Stanley has a brother?

Guess what happened! We were able to create a twin of Flat Stanley! His name is Flat Steve! We needed to have him because Flat Stanley was handed over to student's father for a trip! He promised to take care of him while on this trip. In the mean time, Flat Steve will hang out in our class and have some adventures on his own.

Flat Stanley is headed for a trip for part of this week. Can you guess where he is going? Here are some clues.
  • The person who took him on this trip is a pilot. He will be going 'across the pond.' (Notice the quote marks around the words, what does that mean?).
  • He'll have to watch his time so he can get back by this weekend. He may need to check the time with Big Ben.
  • He may see this building. It looks like a large, important building fit for a king or a queen!

Here are some new pictures!

Did you figure out the distance between our schools?
The correct answer is . . . . c) 1,380 miles
Who wants to come and visit? :)


  1. Did Flat Stanley make it to the other side of "the pond" yet? How long was his Flight? Did he ride with the pilot in the cockpit?

  2. Stanley flew over the "pond" to London England with a student's father who is a airplane pilot. He enjoyed his time and helped fly the plane. Here are some pictures of his adventures!