Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 - How far away are we?

Today our students looked at your school on a map. We then switched to the computer and used Google Maps to actually see your school, or at least the view from the street.

If we were able to drive without stopping for food, water, bathroom breaks or sleep, it would take us one whole day to get there. The map estimates it to take 23 hours! That's a lot of driving! How long can you sit in a car without wanting to get out?

Now how many miles do you think it is between our two schools? You'll need to estimate! Here are your choices:

a) 13 miles
b) 138 miles
c) 1,380 miles
d) 13,800 miles

Leave your guess in the comment section or tell your teacher.

We'll share the answer tomorrow!

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1 comment:

  1. The trip from Gemini Elementary in Melbourne Beach to Rye Jr High is probably 1,380 miles...but it feels like 13,800.