Monday, March 15, 2010

1 - Flat Stanley Arrived!

Flat Stanley arrived in New Hampshire during a windy and rainy nor'easter. He was a little damp in my mailbox but otherwise survived the trip very well. He came from a second grade class in Florida!

A nor'easter is a type of storm we often have here in New Hampshire and the rest of New England. It's the back part of the storm that has winds blowing from the northeast. These winds usually bring a lot of rain or snow. Do you know what temperature it needs to be for snow to happen?


  1. It's Sunny Here.
    Doesn't it have to be freezing to make snow? When we skied at Christmas it snowed and the temperature was freezing. Hey Flat Stanley you left some warm weather behind when you traveled to New Hampshire to see my Aunt Sheila. It is now 75 and sunny. We have finally got some great spring weather. We saw lots of spring break college kids at the beach this weekend.

  2. Hi there! This morning when I woke up in New Hampshire, it was 32ºF. Later in the day, the temperature got up to 50ºF. I can't wait until our temperatures get up into the 70's! I wonder when that will happen?